Best Weekend Jobs in the USA

If you are looking to make more money in your free time or have financial commitments that cannot meet with the 9to5 job you already have, here are few ways to earn some extra cash on your weekends.

Babysitting: Many people with children in their homes tend to relax a bit on the weekends and continuously hope to get a sitter. This job could be an opportunity for you to chip in. If you like spending time with kids, it is even better. You can get these gigs online or check with your neighbours by popping by for a quick hello, and letting them know casually, that you babysit on weekends.

Picking up trash: Did you know that trash picking in any neighbourhood pays 30$-50$ an hour? Well, sources tell that many US citizens on Saturdays and Sundays earned quite a bit of money by working in small scale organizations that pick up trash and put themselves through college.

Looking for one time gigs online: There is much work from home jobs available online for freelancing in amazon and craigslist. Depending on the availability of work, you can make time for it and earn some cash.

Dog sitting or walking: If you love pets, then this is another active weekend job in the USA, for you to go. Taking care of the Dog for the entire weekend, or taking the dog for a walk, feeding it on the weekend will earn you good money and also will get you some fun time with pets and yourself.

Bartending: This job is perfect, as bars, restaurants and clubs boom with their business on weekends. Anybody is likely to get the job on weekends, and you can bartend wherever you like in the USA as there are plenty of openings everywhere.

Online English Tutor: Many websites hire native USA citizens as online English tutors for foreign language speakers. This job is fantastic as you would hardly have to spend an hour or two for a class and you can pick the hours in you want to work. This job turned into a side hustle for many people and continued to become full-time online tutors as well.

Secret Shopper: This is a fun job if you look for providing reviews to confidential shopping services. The job demands you to get a service done like, a haircut, shopping a product or try the cuisine and provide a review to them. This job will land you up with money and free stuff. Also, please look out for companies that do not charge you for taking the services, because few do as per their guidelines.

These are few jobs you can do on weekends by mixing them up with more than one job. This way, your weekends will be fun with earning and keep you charged for your weekdays’ routine. Many people find their dream jobs by trying many things on the weekends and turn it to a full-time job or a side hustle for passive income, and that could be you.

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