Companies With the Largest Workforce in USA

The coronavirus pandemic has seen start-ups shut shops, while big companies or multinationals laying off employees to stay afloat this year. The outbreak has seen effects across all sectors, with economy of almost all countries being affected as lockdown curtailed travelling and tourism being down to zero.

USA, the world’s largest economy, also saw the pandemic affects its economy dearly, and unemployment figures being down to record low. Hence, the pandemic also affected the workforce across all its organizations this year.

So, which companies in USA have the largest workforce currently? Let’s have a look.

Walmart – 2.2 million

Walmart’s revenues were affected initially this year due to the pandemic as its 4600 USA stores saw little footfalls due to the pandemic. But they came up with an interesting strategy to make sure their sales were maintained. They ensured customers could pick up their online orders at the curbside of the stores, without the need to enter the outlets.

This strategy worked wonders. They are also focusing on overseas markets such as China and India where the possibility of increased revenues are higher.

Their total workforce currently stands at 2.2 million, including employees in other nations to take the number 1 position in the list of US companies with the largest workforce. It has about 1.5 million people working in USA alone. It has also been ranked the number 1 company in Fortune500 list of this year.

Amazon – 798,000

Amazon has received a big boost to its revenue this year as the pandemic ensured all households in the USA resorted to online purchases to keep the virus at bay. It takes the 2nd spot in 2020’s Fortune500 list of top companies. Its entertainment subscription service has been the biggest driver in expanding its customer base.

McDonald’s – 420,000

The pandemic initially affected the sales of McDonald’s in the USA, with customers avoiding the stores for the fear of the virus. But the Americans were soon back to the hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and French fries served by McDonald’s as they couldn’t stay from it for long. McDonald’s continues to do brisk business in the USA, with safety precautions at its prime level.

As per latest figures, the restaurant chain reported a workforce of 420,000 in the USA. But its employees’ base across the world is huge, boasting of around 1.7 million workforce in more than 100 countries, with 40,000 outlets serving the fast food to the customers. In terms of workforce, it is said to be second largest private employer, behind Walmart.

The Home Depot – 415,700

It is the largest home improvement retailer in the USA, boasting of 70 distribution centres and about 2000 stores across the country. With the pandemic taking over this year, most families fixed their homes or renovated their houses as they ensured they were comfortable working from home. And hence, The Home Depot reported rise in revenue, and even increase in workforce.

As per latest figures, it boasted of workforce of about 415,700, even better than IBM. It is listed at number 26 in this year’s Fortune500 list of top companies.

Kroger – 400,000

It is the second largest general retailer in the USA, with Walmart taking the top spot. It has about 3000 stores across the USA. But in terms of revenue, it is the largest supermarket in the USA, as it reported revenue of $121.16 billion for the fiscal year 2019.

It branches into various segments such as grocery, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, and medical clinics, among others. It has a workforce of 400,000, as per latest figures.

Berkshire Hathaway – 391,500

It is a holding company in the USA and one of the largest financial services company in the world in terms of revenue. It wholly holds some popular brands such as Duracell and Dairy Queen, and also has minority holdings in other top companies such as American Express, Wells Fargo, and Apple, among others.

The company is synonymous with its dynamic leader – Chairman and CEO Warren Buffet – who bought this textile company Berkshire Hathaway in 1962 and turned it into a profit-making holding company.

As per latest figures, it has a total workforce of 391,500, making it one of the top US companies with most employees. It takes the number 6 spot in this year’s Fortune500 list of top companies. It has fallen 2 spots down in the list, with Amazon, thanks to its soaring revenue this year during the pandemic, moving past it to no 2 from No 5.

IBM – 380,000

International Business Machines or IBM continues to grow despite the pandemic. It holds the record of generating the most USA patents for 27 years in a row this year. In terms of workforce, it has about 380,000 employees across the world. And the best part is that about 70 percent of its workforce are based outside the USA, with India holding the majority share. It takes the 38th spot in this year’s Fortune500 list of top companies.

United Parcel Service – 377,640

UPS workforce were the busiest this year due to the pandemic. With every USA family ordering their requirements online across various e-commerce sites, UPS employees worked extremely hard to deliver the goods on time. UPS also hired staff during the pandemic as goods piled up in their warehouses to deliver it on time to the USA families.

As per last figures, United Parcel Service reported a workforce of 377,640. However, a majority of them work indoors to sort, pack, load and unload packages. It takes the 43rd spot in this year’s Fortune500 list of top companies.

UnitedHealth Group – 325,000

The health care group in the USA did great business last year, reporting 7 percent increase in revenues to $242 billion. It is also set to report another raise this year, with the pandemic taking over the whole of USA. It added 325,000 elderly Americans last year, with the figure going to be a lot higher this year. In terms of workforce, it has a total number of 325,000 employees, as per latest figures. It takes the number 7 spot in Fortune500 list of companies for 2020.

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