Nurse Practitioner Careers

This profile is one of the leading careers and ranked in the top 10 list of job profiles in the USA. While the job is satisfying, it is also challenging in many aspects. Nurse Practitioners are hired in medical facilities, nursing homes, and health care organizations to take care of the patient’s medical and personal needs. A degree in medical science is required to procure a job in this field.

Roles and Responsibilities of Nurse Practitioners

While there are physicians to operate and advise on medical terms, they cannot always be available for the patients’ well-being. To sort this problem out, Nurse Practitioners are assigned as they can show empathy and care that will show enough impact on the patients’ health and make them feel assured, they are in good hands.

A Nurse Practitioner has an equal amount of knowledge as a physician but their job revolves around taking good care of a set of assigned patients and take immediate actions in case of emergencies. They also keep a record of their patients’ medical files with them to analyze their treatment in a better and progressive way. 

Future of Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practice could be started at an intern level where a degree in medical science is enough to get some real-time experience. However, down the lane with additional certifications and volunteer work or a master’s degree in the preferred topic in medical science will land you in a better job with handsome payment. 

Few nurse practitioners also take charge of the administrative work and supervise a team of nurses with assigned responsibilities to ensure quality treatment. Supervising is again a tough job as to identifying the nurses’ strengths and weaknesses and assigning patients they could handle. This is the top responsibility and at the level of supervisor or warden role the responsibilities and the duration of work increase.

The reason this job profile is rated in the top 10 list of professions, this job has more work and satisfaction as it involves saving people’s lives, taking care of their health. Nurses are like the heart of any medical facility. They make a doctor’s life easy by taking care of every need of the patients so doctors could just focus on the kind of treatment they need to provide. On the other hand, introverted or skeptical patients have trouble expressing their needs and uneasiness which nurses could relay to the doctors so that they could be treated with comfort. The responsibilities of nurses involve not only the patients’ treatment but also to make them feel better and assuring them from time to time about their healing progress.


The demand for nurse practitioners in America grows every day. There are many things that they do and every work they do is filled with passion. So if you are looking to become one, ensure the kind of work pressure you can handle to begin your journey as a nurse practitioner at a clinic or a medical facility, a hospital, etc. Because the only way to do this job at best is to be yourself.

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