Security Guard Careers

This is one of the interesting career choices depending on your personality. Even though this is the most underrated job, in the eyes of the US federal government, it is very important. The term Rent-a-cop comes for this job as the experience grows, so is the position and many more career options will flourish with time.

Job Opportunities:

The job openings are available from entry-level to advanced level security personnel. To begin with, an entry-level security guard earns from $12-$15 per hour. In addition to private security, companies provide health, dental insurances, and many other perks of being a part of the security team.

Growth in the Security Industry:

Even though you are at the entry-level and desire to grow faster than your peers, then you must obtain a PC (Permit to Carry a firearm). This will level up your growth and give you room for more opportunities career-wise. Because an armed security guard is better than an unarmed security guard, the payment will be 30% more to the armed officer.

This job can likely be done by anyone. An introverted guard can be assigned the night duty at the lobby and ensure everything is fine since not much interaction isn’t necessary. A people’s person can be assigned at the entrance to ensure you run metal detectors, scan the badges, and ensure everyone is authorized to enter the building premises.

Other interesting profiles involve working at the inventory control of any outlet and you can prevent vandalism. Some jobs even reward you with higher pay like, driving a patrol vehicle during the night and ensure the safety of the public property. The only catch is you need to have a clean driving history. Even if a speeding ticket is recorded you are not eligible for this job.

Other Career Opportunities branching out of a Security Guard Profile

Many things could give an idea after pursuing this career by finding a meaning to the job. Such as a private detective, a bodyguard, and even a police officer is well suited for a person who started a career as a security guard. Many say, to become a police officer you need higher qualifications. Well, anybody can start as a police officer but the only requirement is being a high-school graduate and that job can start anytime according to the individual’s choice. Since the job allows enough training, you can branch out in various directions and become something more you deserve to serve the right purposes. But, with the amount of experience a security guard could start in the police department, it will be more objective as there will be a keen idea of how everything works.

Since security personnel is an important yet underrated job, there are many opportunities for you to look up and apply online. With the right amount of experience and learned skills added to your resume, you can move to a different private security company that gives you better employment benefits for you to grow. The negotiation of the pay is open, so the quality of experience counts and you will be happy throughout your career

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