Healthcare Administration Careers

There are many options, and students can pursue their career with a degree in health care administration. Even though you don’t want to work in a hospital with the acquired skills, there are many other things you can do. However, a Master’s degree in Health care administration will be icing on the cake to bag your preferred job.

Health Care Administrator in the Department of Public Health and Human Services

In US Department of Public Health and Human Services, there are many profiles apart from Health care administrator. If you are looking to pursue in Health care administration, many roles will give you an added advantage of experience in this department. Many categories maintain statistics of public health in every area. The health care administrator manages the staff, recruitment and the organization to keep the work flowing.

Health Information manager

The core duty of a health information manager is to store the data of a patient’s medical history and current records as per the federal law in the USA. They also work with software developers to create a professional database of the patients, which will enhance the productivity of the medical facilities. Keeping track of the welfare of the patients and also providing the data to the FBI, for investigation are the critical objectives.

Insurance Underwriter

There are many opportunities for this profile, provided with a Master’s degree in Health care. One of the key roles is to keep track of the documents of a patient’s medical insurance, eligibility, financial status and other aspects that could finalize the insurance money from the company.

Clinic Administrator

A clinic administrator’s job is very challenging, as the role has many responsibilities. They will be the supervisors for the assigned medical facility. From hiring the staff to managing them and keeping track on the billing, marketing campaigns, and all the other paramount welfare-related management falls in their list of tasks.

Nursing Home Administrator

This profile is similar to the Clinic Administrator role. But the only difference is they work in nursing homes. Their job responsibilities are identical, but comparatively, their job is limited to the nursing home, and the stress factor is less than that.

Hospice Administrator

A Hospice Administrator takes care of all the financial aspects of the medical facility or organization. Their job undertakes the responsibility of finances, accounting, billing, charges for services and other budget-related works. This role ensures to keep a track on the money spent and earned from the facility that can help implement aspects of cost-cutting and managing new responsibilities.

Home Health Care Administrator

Every department has one Home Health Care Administrator as they help meet the needs of the staff, patients and patients’ families. Their roles and responsibilities involve welfare, funding and budget planning for the requirements and providing the report individually and collectively to meet the needs.

The above are few profiles in Health Care Administration to pursue a career for aspiring students in the USA. You can also work in many other roles in this department with experience.

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