Medical Scribe Careers

A medical scribe could start a career with high school graduation. To make the records of the patient’s medical history well documented medical scribes are required. Part of their job also requires them to pay close attention to the interaction between the doctor and patient and document it as well. This will help diagnose the ailment and provide the best treatment. They also need to fill in the details of the patient’s history of habits, allergies, and the prescribed medication they take so that, no question is repeated when doctors encounter the patients.

Basic Skills of a Medical Transcriber

The general life skills that help us in our day to day lifestyle are all that’s required for the job, to begin with. Some of them are

  • Time Management: As the records need to be documented and sometimes, it takes time to fill in a lot of details, shorthand notes will help this criterion.
  • Paying attention to details: As many patients have a lot to tell, but happen to explain poorly, transcribers can understand well about the condition by paying attention to both the patient and doctor while the interaction.
  • Basics in Computers: This skill helps keep a digital record as it is mandatory in every hospital or health organization.
  • Communication Skills: This skill helps probing the patient in a way, where they could tell better about their condition and also helps the physician suggest the right things to add in the documentation.
  • Bedside Manners: Showing empathy towards the patients is an appreciable quality. This will help build the trust in the patient that they’re in good hands.

Growth in Medical Transcribing

Well, at entry-level high school graduation is all that is required. But to branch out and get a better position in the field to handle the administrative work, pursuing an advanced degree will come in handy. A relatable degree that allows you with improving the position you already hold will also give you an edge. You can also opt for certification regarding the administrative position you want to apply for with graduation. This will enhance more opportunities and the payment will be high for you.

Scribers can also work part-time. This will help you get through college and will simultaneously give you the scribing experience and you wouldn’t have to start from the entry-level and your career will pick up pace sooner. The average payment per hour is $15 per hour as a scriber and that allows you to excel soon in America. On average, every medical scriber should know biology, biotechnology, botany, and other medicine-related topics which they can pursue an advanced degree to bag a job with a good payout.


The idea of medical transcribers is not just related to scribing. One can always look for more relatable options that involve less pressure if serious about their future aspirations that will enhance more opportunities in various hospitals or health organizations. In the end, there are many possibilities for aspirants.

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