Social Work Careers

This is one of the most profound career choices you can make if you want to serve people and society while you earn. You must have a master’s degree to pursue a career in this field. There are different profiles in social work career, according to which you must choose the stream for your master’s program. Firstly, you must make a list of your strengths and then make a list of ways you can serve people better if you do have certain interests and qualities. According to that, you can make the right choice to work in social work handles.

Types of Social Work

  • Child Welfare: If you love children and wish to protect them from abuse of any form or neglect, then you can work in Child Welfare. Even though the entry-level work does not demand master’s degree, this job will give you an idea on the categories of work in the profile. The child welfare specialists provide counseling to children that go through trauma and make the kids excel. This job is challenging both professionally and emotionally in many cases.
  • Social and Human Service Assistant: This profile carries the responsibility of helping social workers that deal with the homelessness of children and individuals that have no home. They also help provide elderly people to get a daily wager job and provide accommodation and for children, they hold adoption and foster parent programs to give them homes and families.
  • Health Educator: Health educators are a community that goes to schools and colleges and spread awareness of various diseases and preventions. They counsel students with mental health programs and workshops and also provide one on one sessions as well.
  • Social Science Research Assistant: This category helps conduct experiments and surveys on social issues and research and analyze the data. You must have a degree in a social work program to become eligible for this job. This work profile provides an opportunity to work in social research centers, colleges, and schools, and other social service organizations.
  • Social Work Case Managers: Case managers usually manage every operation in the social work department. They act as the supervisors of other social workers of the particular organization where they carry out their duties by ensuring the welfare of the society.

The above list of categories will ensure you to land up in the job of your choice based on your strengths and weaknesses. The roles and responsibilities given to you as a beginner will help you analyze the kind of work you are looking for and will ensure you to work in that particular direction by taking up certifications necessary for the profile.


The idea of serving society is noble and the participation with an intellect of understanding the social issues is what employers look for in a social worker. Such work will never go in vain and it gives an ample amount of work satisfaction that adds meaning to your life and the life of the people you help.

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